ZAIN AQUA 9″MLT Sediment Filter Cartridge Suitable for All Types of Water Purifier |9″ Pre Filter MLT Candle|Suitable for All Types of Water Purifier(Pack Of 4)

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Price: ₹2,099.00 - ₹349.00
(as of Jun 27,2022 14:34:52 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs Lead-Free and BPA-Free, food grade natural coconut shell activated carbon giving you wide range protection. Healthy drinking water is the fundamental of our family. Enjoy healthy water with your family.Offer fresh and safe drinking water for our kids. Polypropylene yarn wound candle, Replace in Every 2-5 Months. Pre Filter is made of MLT Carbon Cloth Material, RO pre-filter is used in the first stage of purification and it pre-filters the raw tap water before being purified by your RO water purifier. In addition to filtering out the physical impurities
2) Polypropylene yarn wound candle, Replace in Every 2-5 Months. Made of MLT Carbon Cloth Filter.
3) High Quality Product
4) Remove Dust , Rust And All Solid Parts From Water And Makes Your Purifiers Life Longer.
5) Multilayered, Impregnated Carbon, Depth Filter, Can be back flushed, Suitable for Pre-filter Housing Bottle 10 Inch

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