Ozat pure water 5 stage non-electric water purifier with UF membrane.No R.O.only U.F.(ultra filtration) Water Purifier

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Price: ₹4,999.00 - ₹2,499.00
(as of Jun 28,2022 05:18:39 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs OZAT PURE WATER(TRADEMARK REGISTER BRAND)Water purifier is a global leader in water purification technology and has the 0zat pure water system to meet demanding water test report and ISO 9001:2015 standards with the following features: The water is automatically monitored without any user interaction we giving the world’s and the best water technology water purifier of different capacities and ranging started from 20/25 ltr/hr to more than 50000 ltr/hr are our specialty. We made the systems with the best of products from the market. The systems have a double o-ring housings, which improves the working of the systems and results in less maintenance related problems. Filters are all of very good and are durable too. The product repertoire also includes counter top model, We also personalize water purification machines according to client requirements to provide benefit to them resulting. We give great products and amazing service. We also teach our users about the product and technology so they have a faith or make a good relation with us.it is a water purifying machine.TDS do not remove.it retains the mineral of water that our boby needs.
Suitbale for all types of water like blackish,muddy , salted and municipal. Run upto 350 TDS water Level. Normal water pressure requirement 10/100 PSI.
Activated Carbon Filter The function of this filter is remove chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of Taste, Odor and Color.
UF or Ultra Filtration water purifier consist semi permeable hollow membrane with holes( about 0.01 microns wide). When raw, unpurified water by gravity, water pressure passes through the UF membrane, the bacteria, viruses are blocked in it and remains purified water.

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