B.Nova Silver Nano Technology Upgraded latest Gravity Water Purifier Developed by BARC| Chemicals Free | Non Electric 25-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier | Alkaline Water Purifier home and office |

Price: ₹3,500.00 - ₹1,999.00
(as of Jun 27,2022 05:54:34 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs Based on Ultra Filtration Membrane Technology 0.01 Micron developed by BARC Govt. of India | 5 stage water Purification Gravity Water Purifier | 1 Stage 5 Micron Filtration System | 2. DEFLUORIDATION technology ( licensed by BARC Govt of India) | Stage 3 UF Ultra Filtration membrane technology ( licensed by BARC Govt of India) 2 NOS |4 LIMESTONE AND ALKALINE FILTERATION | 5 stage SILVER CARBON FILERATION | NO RUNING WATER REQUIRED | 25 LITER MODEL TOP TANK 12 LITER BOTTOM PURE WATER TANK 13 LITER | No Electricity Required | Self Maintained | Low Maintenance | Alkaline ,Antioxidant & Anti Bacterial | Alkaline keeps PH Controlled | Helps in Reducing Acidity | Food Grade Virgin body | Water Purifier is based on Non electric Filter for Drinking water in home and Office | This water purifier based on ultra filtration membrane technology ( licensed by BARC Govt of India) | This technology is more advance with compare to UV water purifier as has advantage of removing turbidity and it is self maintenance technology easily maintain at home | No technician is required for maintenance | Non electric water purifiers removes bacteria , virus , spores , turbidity | Its table TOP MODEL and OFFLINE water filter purifier | This filter does not use any chemical like Chlorine, Bromine or Iodine used for purification which is based on ultra filtration membrane technology ( licensed by BARC Govt of India | thereby providing healthier and tastier drinking water | Its best and low maintenance cost water filter for home compare to other brand as has long service life up to 21000 Ltr water | There after cost of maintenance is very low. | As this purifier does not affect TDS and increase pH of water to more than 8 which is good for our human body | It helps to retain essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium which are essential for growth and balance of human body.
5 stage Purification system 25 Liter Model
Chemical Free Purest Water Flow 1.5 Liter Per hour
Gravity Water Purifier
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Low & Self Maintained

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