AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal UV| UV+ UF ( Ultra Violet+ Ultra Fine), Suitable for Municipal Water, TDS below 200| 10L storage| Wall mount Water Purifier for home

Price: ₹19,600.00 - ₹15,310.00
(as of Jun 25,2022 09:14:14 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs 5 stage purification with UV technology

Suitable for most Markets of Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, Goa and Kerela. Suitable for water having less then 200 TDS or municipal water
36.9 cms (Length)x 32.6 cms (Width) x 48.2 cms (Height)
1-Year* Warranty on all electrical and functional part, except UV lam and filters (* Z1 model is suggested for TDS up to 200ppm) .
Water Purifier, Manual, Mounting Accessories , Tube & Connectors
PURITY THROUGH UV PURIFICATION UV TECHNOLOGY: In A. O. Smith water purifier water passes through Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Silver Activated Post Carbon + UV Lamp + UFSS (For Hot water only).
ADVANCED UV LAMP (ULTRA VIOLET LAMP) UV is a proven Non-chemical, disinfectant technology to give you healthy water. Suitable for water with low TDS.

Technical Details

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