ALAUKIK® Alkaline + ORP with Active Copper + Ro + UV + TDS Controller/Adjuster RO Water Purifier- 10 to 12 Liter Storage with High 3000 TDS Membrane Home and Office (Made In India)

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Price: ₹19,990.00 - ₹5,649.00
(as of Jun 25,2022 11:44:16 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs Alkaline Filter – The Alkaline Filter changes the acidic RO water into perfect natural alkaline calcium ionized water. The Alkaline filter simply gives back minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, which were taken away while purifying the water. Added copper balls give goodness of copper.
Includes – RO Purifier, Pre Filter, Installation accessories, user manual. Installation – You need to pay Up-to Rs. 500/- to the technician for installation.
Elegant black look, Storage 10 to 12 Litre.
Be Sure Drink Pure. Branded UV LED and Mineral for best in class purity. Elegant black look, Storage 12 Litre.
ALAUKIK -AlkalBlk-Copper-RO-UV.

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